Frequently Asked Questions and More Information

Is there any heat build up?

Unlike sand blasting, no heat build up is caused when using glass bead, eliminating the risk of warping metal surfaces.

Is bead blasting a noisy process?

As a large compressor is used, media blasting is a relatively noisy process.  Operators are required to wear ear protection whilst the compressor is running and request that anyone in the immediate area do the same.

Where is the work completed?

We are pleased to offer media blasting services in our purpose built Blast Room within our Unit in Bilston, West Midlands.  We are also fully mobile and can complete work on site when needed.

What about pre and post clean up?

As glass bead causes no damage to the surrounding environment, very little clean up is required – the used media is swept up and disposed of as regular waste.  If sensitive equipment is near by or work is to be completed in a busy area, we would advice masking or tenting the item before commencing work.

Why are your prices not fixed?

To ensure we offer you the best rates possible, we often need to complete a test patch on the surface that requires work.  As some items may need more attention than others, for example vehicle bodywork may have several layers of paint to remove, the price will vary accordingly.  Once we have given you a quote you can rest assured this will not change, even if – on the odd occasion – the work takes a little longer than expected.

Why is it more expensive to complete work at my address?

When completing work at your address, we need to factor in additional running costs to your quotation.  This includes travel costs as well as running costs of equipment, as the mobile compressor runs from power generated from our van’s engine.

Why choose Sydney Mobile Soda and Sand Blasting?

As a family-run business, we are proud to be friendly, reliable and efficient.  Offering the most effective range of blast cleaning solutions on the market, along with in-house and mobile services, ensures we are always able to help with your blast cleaning needs.